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do you want to play for hours?

the vertical headjoint

Simply put it on your flute

The vertical flute headjoints lets you play your flute vertically, as if it were a clarinet or recorder. This design allows flute players with the more severe physical problems to still play the flute.

 Simply put the vertical head on your own flute and you have a vertical flute.

The flute is supported by the right thumb, using a large thumbrest, and the left hand, using a left hand support. Both were specially designed for this purpose. The flute is not held at exactly 90degrees, but slightly to the right of the player. This is neccesary to reduce pronation of the right wrist.


Lush and warm sound

The Vertical  flute headjoint is handmade in 925/000 silver. The crown has a stunning malachite stone inlaid. The bore taper is unique for this type of headjoint and deals with the acoustical compensation for the curvature effects.

The result  is a precise and reliable intonation. Most important of all, the handcut embouchure hole delivers a lush, warm sound delivering easy coloring and generous dynamics.

Flutelab Vertical headjoint is


Just put on your flute like a regular headjoint, clip on the hand rests and you are ready.

Flutelab Vertical headjoint is


Allowing a completely relaxed posture. More breath, less pain.

Flutelab Vertical headjoint is


By an experienced craftsman who is a flute player himself.

Flutelab Swan Neck headjoint comes with a case, thumb rest, and instructions for use. Flutelab Swan Neck headjoint is available world wide with the help of UPS and through our dealers.

Not sure if the Vertical Headjoint is right for you? Order the test set, or ask for information


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